Hotel 32 32 And Captain’s Café Unite During New York Blizzard

Hotel 32 32 And Captain’s Café Unite During New York BlizzardHotel 32 32 And Captain’s Café Unite During New York Blizzard

NEW YORK, NY – New Yorkers bundled up on Monday and fought their way through the increasingly accumulating snow masses on the streets of Manhattan to get home before public transportation shut down. At the same time, thousands of tourists retreated to their hotels to watch the winter storm from the cozy comforts of their rooms. Determined to open his popular Captain’s Café at 34 E 32nd Street on Tuesday morning despite the forecast blizzard, restaurant owner resolved to join guests at Hotel 32 32 for the night. Think Properties NY Principal and CEO, Mark Shemel, hosted the man for free in one of the property’s spacious and elegantly furnished rooms, whereupon he decided to return the favor, much to the delight of hotel guests, who were treated to an array of free delectable chocolates, scrumptious sweets and a selection of other mouth-watering candies.

The generous gesture turned an otherwise icy night into a fun get-together. While the winds of the Nor’easter gusted through the deserted city, on the shutdown per mayor Bill de Blasio, guests of Hotel 32 32 could relax inside the warm and homey hotel, enjoy the yummy goodies, and watch the snowflakes cover streets with a white blanket through the floor-to-ceiling windows that have become a trademark of the iconic boutique hotel.

Captain’s Café and the luxury boutique hotel have been business partners ever since Hotel 32 32 started creating a campus around the two 17-story towers on 32nd Street and approached the renowned restaurant to be part of it. As a result, hotel guests can enjoy a daily complimentary breakfast at the famed eatery and indulge in traditional American dishes including pancakes, French toast, bagels, muffins, omelets and much more. Other establishments that joined include Boom Fitness, an adjacent full-service gym where guests can workout for free or attend professional group exercise classes during their stay at Hotel 32 32, and the prominent nightclub, Cutting Room, which entertains guests with nightly live music performances.

Hotel 32 32, which celebrated its grand opening in spring 2014, has quickly become a favorite destination for an increasing number of New York visitors, ranging from business executives to recreational tourists, providing a refreshingly affordable alternative for sophisticated travelers in the city that never sleeps. Creating an additional incentive for recurring patrons, Shemel announced the introduction of a loyalty program for 2015, which will offer guest appealing discounts, exclusive specials among other exceptional offers. Located in the heart of one of the most vibrant and eclectic areas in Midtown Manhattan, the hotel is within steps from Penn Station and Grand Central Station, grants easy access to a number of Subway stations close by, and is within walking distance of many famous landmarks, including the Empire State Building, Madison Square Garden, Chrysler Building, and Times Square. The vigilant staff and the top-notch concierge attend to guests’ needs around the clock and create a warm and welcoming home away from home for each and every guest.