Hotel 3232 Is Proud to Launch Their Going Green Project

Hotel 3232 Is Proud to Launch Their Going Green ProjectHotel 3232 Is Proud to Launch Their Going Green Project

NEW YORK, NY – Hotel 3232, an affordable luxury boutique hotel in midtown Manhattan, announced the launch of its Going Green Project for 2015. The hotel’s initiative was inspired by a pledge the city made at the United Nations Climate Summit, promising to achieve an 80% decrease of New York’s greenhouse emissions by 2050. Located in the heart of Manhattan’s most vibrant and cosmopolitan neighborhood, Hotel 3232 is planning to roll out loan programs for bikes, phone chargers, and gym clothing as part of its comprehensive plan to contribute to the green efforts taken by the city hall.

Free bike rentals will allow guests of Hotel 3232 to cover more ground without contributing harmful gas emissions. Biking also offers guests a more affordable way of exploring the city without being stuck in traffic and provides fitness enthusiasts with an opportunity to exercise outdoors. Active travellers are also encouraged to enjoy the complimentary membership to Boom Fitness, the full-service gym that has partnered with the hotel to offer guests ability to maintain their exercise routines for the entire duration of their stay. Guests are welcome to take advantage of the gym’s facilities, including heavy weight lifting room as well as the cardio room, and participate in expert-guided classes. As part of the hotel’s going green initiative, guests are able to borrow gym clothes from the front desk for free, adding to the thoughtful hospitality Hotel 3232 is known for.

Another initiative as part of their Going Green Project is providing Hotel 3232 guests with sustainable chargers, which are environmentally friendly alternatives that eliminate power waste. A majority of the chargers are Energy 5-rated and use minimal power when plugged in. As a result, they can save thousands of the 100 billion kilowatt hours of standby power recorded annually by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The availability of these chargers will further confirm the hotel’s new reputation as an eco-friendly accommodation option in New York City.

Centrally located in Flatiron-Murray Hill, Hotel 3232 is at the heart of an eclectic area surrounded by restaurants, bars, clubs, and cultural hubs. Close to the Empire State Building, Time Square and many of New York’s top landmarks, the luxury hotel has made a name for itself through providing top amenities at reasonable prices. The most prominent feature of Hotel 32|32 is the floor to ceiling windows overlooking art deco landmarks and a 19th century streetscape. Supported by an attentive team of receptionists, the hotel’s experienced concierge is always ready to organize tours, make reservations or simply provide valuable advice on traveling around the city.