Hotel 3232 Pampers Women For Mother’s Day

Hotel 3232 Pampers Women For Mother’s DayHotel 3232 Pampers Women For Mother’s Day

NEW YORK, NY – For Hotel 3232, May 10th 2015 was no ordinary Mother’s Day. This year, the Midtown Manhattan hotel chose to recognize the efforts of millions of mothers and women across the country with a day of pampering in the charming Murray Hill-Flatiron neighborhood of Manhattan. Moms visiting the hotel this Mother’s Day were not only treated to the stunning views and captivating artwork in the hotel’s rooms, but also to a free breakfast from the hotel’s neighbor, the locally renowned Captain’s Café.

Hotel 3232 did not work alone in offering a luxurious getaway to hardworking moms on Mother’s Day: The hotel was aided and abetted by its nearby neighbor, the Boom Fitness gym complex (located a short walk away on Park Avenue), which offered free access for moms staying at the hotel. This meant that lucky moms were able to enjoy zumba, yoga, pilates, and spinning classes as part of their New York City experience at no extra cost, or simply relax and refresh themselves at Boom Fitness’ on-site juice bar if they preferred.

For sons and daughters eager to show their beloved mothers just how much their efforts are recognized, there really is no better location than Murray Hill-Flatiron in Midtown Manhattan. This is the place for mom to indulge her cultural side with trips to nearby attractions such as the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art or the theatres of Broadway, or experience some of New York City’s most iconic sites such as Times Square, Grand Central Station, or Central Park, all of which are found only a short distance from Murray Hill.

The hotel building itself is something of an attraction in its own right. An impressive complex from the outside, it has two towers rising 17 stories up to the left and to the right of East 32nd Street, while the interiors at 3232 are decorated with the charming artwork of Colombian-born painter and artist Chris Georgalas, who found himself in New York after a globetrotting few years. As his university education neared completion, the artist, who grew up with an adopted family in Minnesota, spent some time studying in Europe, before relocating to New York City. It was here that Georgalas made his home and found a landscape that would become his creative muse. For moms with an interest in art – or those that simply appreciate a tastefully decorated and well thoughtout interior – Hotel 3232 is the place to visit.

Hotel 3232 is a boutique hotel located just off Park Avenue in Midtown Manhattan’s Murray Hill-Flatiron neighborhood. It prides itself on providing a luxurious New York City experience to its guests, at an affordable price. The hotel’s location makes it perfect for sightseeing, while its proximity to nearby subway stations makes accessing anywhere in the city a breeze. Those interested in making a booking can do so by visiting the hotel at 32 East 32nd Street, by contacting the team on 646 692 3760, or by visiting the hotel’s website at